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The business began in September 1961 when Newton and Dennis Boardman formed a partnership. On 17 September 1969 a company Boardman Bros (Pty) Ltd, was formed and the operation moved from Transkei to Stutterheim where production began during December 1969.

Operations commenced on 8 December 1969 with 32 staff members in rented premises of 460m2.

Initially the factory was only a packing operation, but in 1971 actual production of various products began and the range was extended. In 1978, further expansion took place with the introduction of a candle manufacturing plant.

Another factory was built in Ladysmith, Natal in 1985 and incorporated as Boardman Bros (NATAL) (Pty) Ltd.

Since then both the factories have been expanded a number of times, with both now under around 15000m2. We now employ around 450 people, mainly from rural communities where the factories are located.

Many new products have been introduced over the years and the range now consists of over 1100 products, packs and colour variants.

The range can consists of 6 main divisions, Candles, Home Care, Hair Care, Paint & Varnishes, Hardware Sundries, Bulk Cleaning Supplies.
The companies within the group believe in the application of sound business principles for management and the commitment of loyal and dedicated people to strive for provision of the ultimate in service to its customers. The goals of the group are:

To sell attractively presented products of consistently superior quality at fair and competitive prices. To continuously strive to improve these products by innovation and the use of modern technology.

To strive to identify the need s and wants or our customer, to provide them with excellent service and to have them as valued friends.

To treat our staff courteously and fairly and to recognise the dignity and aspirations of all.

To be mindful of the fact that it is essential for the company to male realistic profits to allow growth, to the ultimate benefit of all.

To act responsibly and supportively as members of the communities in which the companies are situated.
Our first priority is the delivery of quality products and provision of service excellence that exceed customer expectations. We supply a broad range of high quality products supported by outstanding customer service. To achieve this, we are committed to the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, specific customer requirements, and providing safe and healthy working conditions. We are further committed to train our staff where needed. We are committed to continual improvement, supported by a Quality Management System, that maintains measurable quality objectives at all levels in the organisation, including:
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Compliance with customer specifications and requirements
    • Process Control
    • Efficiency and effectiveness of all processes
    • Defect prevention
    • Employee satisfaction
These objectives can only be achieved through the active involvement and commitment of all stakeholders. Management undertakes to ensure that this Quality Policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained throughout its organisation, and reviewed for continuing suitability. Quality Policy Document
Since 1969, we have striven to produce attractively presented products, of consistently superior quality, at fair and competitive prices. Products for your home and your family. We are about integrity, family and commitment.

Our new trade mark and our signature ‘home & family’ has been created to help communicate these values. The essence of the trademark is simple and honest. The presentation of the brand should be also.

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