Acrylic PVA

Luxury Satin Smooth
A premium quality, fully washable satin finish acrylic paint.

11160   1 x 1l
11004   1 x 5l
11025   1 x 20 l

Luxury SheenKote
A premium quality, fully washable interior/exterior durable pure emulsion paint with a sheen finish

Available in: Pastel, Deep & Clear.

11161   1 x 1l
11005   1 x 5l
11026   1 x 20 l

Classic WundaKote

A premium quality, fully washable acrylic, with excellent hiding power at an affordable price.

Available in: Pastel, Deep & Clear.

11008   1 x 1l
11009   1 x 5l
11028   1 x 20 l

Classic Tuffkote
Textured with Mica. A flexible acrylic emulsion paint, that provides a fine textured finish and effectively fills and covers surface defects; contains Mica and Silica.

Available in white only.

11007   1 x 5l
11027   1 x 20 l

Classic Fillakote
An ultra-high viscosity, highly pigmented acrylic emulsion paint used to coat and seal plaster and previously unpainted walls and ceilings.

11013   1 x 5l
11033   1 x 20 l

Contractor General Purpose PVA
Newden Contractor General Purpose PVA is an excellent value for money new-generation water based 100% acrylic emulsion interior / exterior matt coating with very good hiding power and good scrub resistance.

Available in: White & a range of selected colours.

11401   1 x 5l
11421   1 x 20 l

An economic Hi-Cover acrylic PVA suitable for interior / exterior use.

Available in: White, Peach, Black, Cream & Golden Brown.

11158   1 x 5l
11159   1 x 20l

Value Acrylic PVA
An economical, smooth, water-based paint with a matt finish. Suitable for interior and exterior walls and ceilings.

Available in: White, Mint Green, Honey Cream & Sunset Peach.
11480   1 x 5l
11490   1 x 20l
Numba 1 Acrylic PVA
An economy general purpose interior / exterior acrylic PVA.

Available in: White & an assorted range of bright colours. (See Colour Selector)

11017   1 x 5l
11164   1 x 20l

Supa PVA
An economy acrylic PVA for interior use only.

Available in: An assorted range of bright colours. (See Colour Selector)

11023   1 x 5l
11110   1 x 10l
11148   1 x 20l

Luxury RoofKote
A premium quality acrylic emulsion paint that has been specially formulated for painting on roofs.

Available in: A wide range of colours. (See Colour Selector)

11088   1 x 1l
11092   1 x 5l
11146   1 x 20l

Classic Acrylic Roof Paint
An excellent value for money acrylic emulsion paint that has been specially formulated for painting on roofs.

Available in: (See Colour Selector)

11240   1 x 5l
11250   1 x 20l

Acrylic Waterproofing
Available In: 5 l with Free Membrane
11290 Red
11291 Green
11292 Burgundy
11293 Grey

Membrane Only:
11280 1 x 200 mm x 10 m

Enamel paint

Gloss Enamel
Top quality high gloss enamel.

Can be tinted to a range of colors.

Available in: (See Colour Selector)

12020   1 x 500ml
12021   1 x 1l
12022   1 x 5l

Value Gloss
A general purpose gloss enamel available in a range of bright shades.

Available in: White, Black, Windsor Green, Brilliant Green, Bahama, Deep Blue, Caribbean Blue, Lime, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pwd Brown, Golden Brown, Cream, Pink, Grey, Turquoise, Peach, Dark Golden Brown & Silver.

12460   4 x 5 x 250ml
12502   5 x 4 x 500ml
12544   20 x 1l
12610   8 x 2l
12565   4 x 5l
12586   20l

Supa Gloss Enamel
An excellent value for money enamel paint. Available for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Available in the following bright colours: White, Black, Caribbean Blue, Golden Brown, Red, Peach, Brilliant Green, Cream, Maroon, Dark Golden Brown, Cream White, Special Peach & Yellow.

12650   4 x 5 x 250ml
12330   5 x 4 x 500ml
12350   20 x 1l
12310   1 x 2l
12266   1 x 5l
12290   1 x 20l

Primers and Undercoats

Classic Plaster Primer
Apply a coat of this sealer to a previously unpainted wall, should an alkyd gloss enamel be envisaged or if the wall was previously painted with either limewash or distemper.

12107   1 x 1 l
12108   1 x 5 l
12109   1 x 20 l

Pink Primer
To be used as a primer on all wood work that is to be painted.

12060   1 x 500 ml
12061   1 x 1l
12062   1 x 5l

Red Oxide Primer &
Black Oxide Primer
A quick drying superior covering primer for steel products such as windows, doors, girders and welded articles.

Red Oxide
12067   1 x 1l
12068   1 x 5l
12127   1 x 20 l

Black Oxide
12110   1 x 1l
12111   1 x 5l

Bonding Liquid
Apply to previously painted walls to form a binding coat for better adhesion of the topcoat. Also recommended for application as a priming coat on asbestos / fibre cement roofs.

12050   1 x 1l
12051   1 x 5l

Universal Undercoat
This product can be used for a number of substrates provided they have been primed correctly:

12053   1 x 500ml
12054   1 x 1l
12055   1 x 5l
12099   1 x 20l

Classic Universal Undercoat

12105   1 x 5l
12106   1 x 20l

Brick Sealer
To seal and bring out the colour of face bricks, clinker bricks, slasto and other ornamental stone surfaces. More suitable for interior use.

12069   1 x 1l
12070   1 x 5l

Blackboard Paint
Apply to flat boards to be used as blackboards, chalkboards as well as any other interior surfaces where a dead matt finish is required.

Available in: Green & Black.

12092   1 x 500 ml
12093   1 x 1l
12094   1 x 5l

Varnishes and Wood Finishes

Varnish Stain
Quality varnish stain for pine and meranti.

Available in: Light oak, Teak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Clear, Walnut & Rich Clear.

12015   4 x 5 x 250ml
12016   5 x 4 x 500ml
12017   20 x 1l
12120   1x5l

Wood Stabiliser
An excellent penetrating preservative for exterior timber surfaces, decks & outdoor furniture.

Available in: Clear, Amber, Brick, Dark Brick & Brown.

12377   1 x 1l
12268   1 x 5l
12380   20l
12379   200l

A preservative for exterior timber work particularly fencing poles and wooden gates.

12096   1 x 1l
12097   1 x 5l

Special Paint

Roadline Paint
For painting lines and other markings on asphalt and concrete roads.
12039   1 x 1l
12040   1 x 5l
12045   1 x 20l

12041   1 x 1l
12042   1 x 5l
12046   1 x 20l

12136   1 x 1l
12037   1 x 5l
12038   1 x 20l
Stoep Paint
A durable Alkyd based Stoep Paint that gives a superior quality gloss finish.

Available in: Slate, Grey, Red, Green, Black & Brown.

12588   1 x 500ml
12592   1 x 1l
12596   1 x 5l

Ceiling Paint
A Hi-Hiding paint giving excellent cover. Available In: White

11021   1 x 5l

High Lustre Paint

High Lustre Aluminum

A Quality shiny “silver” paint intended for general purpose use on roofs, steel work, gates, water tanks, etc.

12032   1 x 500ml
12033   1 x 1l
12034   1 x 5l

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